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Willowchem Ireland has managed to get their new facilities operational and is now ready for business. Whilst further works are required in order to complete and finalise the building and working equipment the facility is now ready to tackle a full range of projects.

Meeting Facilities at Willowchem Ireland


Full Design & Fabrication of Stainless Steel Assemblies: Forming the basis of the original enterprise in Ballyhea, Willowchem Ireland has a full range of design, fabrication facilities and equipment to tackle most projects easily. Many operations and tasks may be undertaken and just a few to mention include:-


Willowchem Ireland Machine Shop

Full Finishing Facilities:  Once an assembly is manufactured it is often necessary to send it on to another subcontractor for the finishing process. Willowchem Ireland has now a complete range of finishing facilities to allow projects to be completed within one workshop. These finishing facilities are also offered on a subcontract basis to those who do not have such capabilities and require such services. These include:-

Mechanical Polishing

Onsite Services: The onsite requirements include many different aspects of a project from start to finish. Willowchem Ireland offers these services enabling the customers to have confidence in that whatever is required will fit into place, suit the purpose and look as it should. These services include:-
Fabrication & Installation
Cleaning, Electropolishing & Passivation
Ongoing Support & Annual Renovation

Finishing Consumable Distribution: The complete range of Willowchem products are to be stored and distributed direct to customers within Ireland from the dedicated site. These products include:-
Cleaners & Degreasers
Pickle Pastes / Gels & Solutions
Electropolishing electrolytes
Passivation & Desmuting Products

Side Entrance to Willowchem Ireland Sub Contract Facility



Chemical Storage Area / Ready to Distribute Willowchem Products throughout Ireland



The new buildings include many up to date modern features such as dedicated meeting rooms, engineers drafting room and separate canteen area.

The facilities have been scheduled in such a manner that ongoing projects were maintained and customer’s requirements fulfilled throughout the building process. Now with these new facilities complete full turnkey projects may be undertaken from initial design stages through to fabrication, manufacture, assembly and complete finishing. Thus giving the customers a one-stop shop, whether they need just one part of the Willowchem Ireland portfolio or the full and comprehensive service. 

New Building: The new building a has a total of 8,000 square feet

The fabrication area houses the following range of equipment:-

Cutting Equipment:-           12mm x 3mtr Guillotine

Bending Equipment:-         3mtr x 200 tonne Brake Press
Forming Equipment:-         Kingsland Iron Worker,  Rolls for angles, pipe, flats, channels,                                                 Punching,  slotting, cutting, pressing etc.,
Welding Equipment:-      Mig, Tig, High frequency, pulse, orbital if required and many    D.C                                                 Invertors and manual welding assembles
Misc. Equipment:-           2 no 5 tonne Overhead Gantry Cranes, Plasmas, Drills, selection of Air                                                 Tools, Lathe, Milling and Laser Cutting Services available, Belt sanders,                                                 Tube Polishers, Dynafoils, Pencil Grinders, Straight Grinders, Band Saws,                                                 GF Saws etc.,

The new processing area of 3,500 square feet includes the facilities for full chemical finishing which include:-

Immersion Pickling: 4.0 x 1.8 x 1.0 m – Total Volume 7,500 Litres approx

Electropolishing: 2 Installations

Installation 1) 4.5  x 1.8  x 1.750m – Total Volume 12,000 Litres approx
Installation 2) 1.9  x 1.0 x 1.0m – Total Volume 1,800 Litres approx

Transformer Rectifiers:

 1) 3,000 Amps
 2) 2,000 Amps

Rinsing Passivation & Desmuting: Various tanks plus full spraying facilities

Other Buildings
The fabrication works used to be carried out in a factory, very close the new buildings and has now been designated as the Willowchem Ireland product distribution warehouse.  The warehouse is some 3,000 m/2 and able to house the full range of Willowchem products and maybe considered for additional small fabrication works in the future.

Environmental Issues
From the initial concept of expansion programme the local environmental agency was informed of the intentions and requested to have an input of local environmental impact and requirements that satisfy legislation. This was welcomed by the authorities, as often they are to deal with non-compliance operations that do not meet the standards after they have been built and put into operation. The installation includes full wastewater treatment, containment and bunding, plus a massive purpose built water storage tank for the fire brigade as requested.


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